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  1. E R

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Poor Nic https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/nottingham-news/former-nottingham-forest-striker-nicklas-2177196
  2. E R

    News chit chat

    That Russell Howard is the same - who the fuck would go an see that boring googley eyed cunt
  3. E R

    News chit chat

    Another person who steals a living is Peter Kay - he hasn’t done any new material for 10 years and tonight they have a “comedy shuffle” of of him doing that transvestite Geraldine it was on in 2008 and the fucking BBC have it on to go against I’m a celebrity it was that spoof of the X factor / pop star thing - it was complete shit the first time round
  4. We had a muslim lad called Yaasin sign for my sons team and he is quite good but he can only play once a month as the immam is going to throw him out. His dad actually said could we change the match time to suit him ffs . We had to change from grass to astro because of the weather for training and the only day we could get was a Friday - the dad said he has religious studies and could we change it. WTF - why did he even allow his son to join? He will drop out soon no doubt and it is a shame as he loves it. Even the other boys are starting to take a dislike to the kid as the dad will never let us know if he is going to turn up and we don’t know if we have enough players or not and I feel guilty fucking the kid off so am putting it off. I cant imagine it is much different for other Muslim lads but you can easily see how they don’t get involved in the game. Shame as he is a really nice lad and as I say gives his all when he is allowed to play by his prents
  5. E R

    News chit chat

    I Hope there is another referendum as there will be riots
  6. When Daniel Levy and Dave Gold ( I won’t make any generalisations about them) both agree with it you know that Mr Scudamore has more than earned it https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46221020
  7. Yeah - When you put the link up without comment I guessed it was something about the modern game that you hated so I just added a counter argument I think people are just jealous of what he has achieved and the recognition with this bonus and they ignore the fact that Maranakis probably wouldn’t have bought Forest without the goal of possibility of attaining the revenue that Scudamore has created if we ever make the premier league i see the premier league have approved it anyway and rightly so imo
  8. E R

    News chit chat

    Sewer rats looking out for themselves as opposed to the country no one has a better alternative plan - it is just easier to find fault with the current one
  9. He has taken the TV rights from 670m to 5.14 billion - he deserves every penny he gets
  10. Sorry Dan we improved in the second half because let’s be honest we couldn’t be worse and they had a few good chances themselves second half. Imo a draw was fair and they will be more pleased with that than us. The last 15 he could have put on that new striker and give it a go as most home managers would have but we know that will never never happen Hull and Villa away next so I can’t see anything past us going for the draw both times. If the manager openly admits to going for the draw at home and refuses to even have a go at Burton - what do you think he will be doing for the next 2 games? I genuinely would not be surprised to see Watson back
  11. Looking at the match yesterday and the highlights a draw was a fair result although I think that silly cunt in goal should have been sent off the negativity comes from the fact even in the last 10 or 15 minutes the manager is terrified to actually try putting on an attacking player to win and openly admits he made the decisions because didn’t want to lose as opposed to win
  12. E R

    Boxing thread

    Any links mine just died
  13. E R

    Boxing thread

    I believe Bellew will get absolutely smashed tonight and I can’t fucking wait for it

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