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  1. E R

    NFFC Rumours

    I actually prefer Yacob and Yates will improve this year. I wouldn’t mind Bridcutt getting a go under MON either. If Colback doesn’t take a pay cut then move on as I can’t imagine there will be a que of teams for his signature at that amount of wages. Would much rather we spent the money on Byram
  2. E R

    NFFC Rumours

    Apparently interested in Jack Bidwell from QPR on a free - decent left back and played 40 times this year
  3. E R


    Love the Leeds song to Oasis stop crying your heart out The lyrics Leeds fans have adopted to the Oasis classic are: "All of the spies / Are hidden away / Just try not to worry / You'll beat us some day / We beat you at home / We beat you away / Stop crying Frank Lampard."
  4. E R

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Good article and maybe he will be manager one day https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/chris-cohen-believes-two-things-2863823
  5. E R

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    That one was just for you mate i saw a similar article to this in the Times and thought of your post https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.shieldsgazette.com/news/people/former-newcastle-united-striker-andy-carroll-makes-sunday-times-rich-list-of-wealthiest-young-sports-stars-1-9761169/amp
  6. E R

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    Andy Carroll is out of contract at West Ham and would score goals for fun at this level
  7. E R


    What a day the shaggers losing and Fat Fwank doing his nut about a penalty that never was and West Brom losing and that cheating cunt Gayle getting sent off #whatgoesaround just want Villa to beat Dirty Leeds in the final then all is good
  8. E R


    A couple of cheap wins against teams who - like us - had nothing to play for and the awful team selections and awful results are quickly forgotten no way on earth will MON get us up his outdated approach - he has been on the wain for the last 8 years and is a spent force
  9. E R

    Champions League

    Fucking unbelievabubble - I hate the scousers but that was amazing. Fair play to them
  10. E R


    I must say that I am dreading next season and the one after when we are stuck with the players MON has signed
  11. E R

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Good post and sums it up for me. I am running my sons team at the moment and it has given me so much more enjoyment than Forest this last year. There must be 50 players at Forest and next season no doubt there will be another load of leeches fuck the lot of them
  12. E R

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Go on the West Brom
  13. E R

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    I don’t own the club. I didn’t enjoy the football under Kawanker but he walked away from the team (as he always does) and I didn’t want MON. If they stick with MON it will just be another wasted season. Tbh I am enjoying my son’s football at the moment and couldn’t really give a shit what the owners decide to do. They will give MON 10 million to spunk on over the hill Irishman and sack him before Christmas
  14. E R

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    I would take warnock or Jokanavic i tell you who would get us out this league - Lee Johnson
  15. E R

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Win - I started the season full of optimism and have ended back to not giving a shit and not really looking forward to next year under MON

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