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  1. E R

    News chit chat

    Well I was hoping for some debate on the topic as it had seemingly gone unnoticed on here
  2. E R

    Brizzle v FOREST

    Hoping for a draw but not a happy hunting ground 1-1
  3. E R

    NFFC Rumours

    That maybe but if we lost Grabban we are fucked and the season is over as it currently stands. you could easily loan a right back or spend a million on someone as cover for Jenkinson or even give Ribeiro a go there. Sure some kid coming through could play there as well if selling Cash got someone like Gayle or even someone like Johnson from Preston who looks good then it is a no brainier for me probably sign some fucker from the French second division though for about a million quid
  4. E R

    NFFC Rumours

    Also I think this man should be given a chance - deffo better than that cart horse Rafa Mir https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/transfer-news/nottingham-forest-transfer-news-walker-3552623
  5. E R


    I must say watching England is on a par with watching West Ham for me. It’s football and I am slightly hoping for a certain team to win but to say the outcome has the slightest effect on me if they win lose or draw would be a lie The qualifiers against these shit house countries actually has that dope Southgate believing he is a half decent manager. And then we get to the tournament and soon as we play France, Spain, Holland, Germany or Italy you know we are out and it is another 2 years wasted and the cycle starts again to the World Cup its a shame the FA wouldn’t take a punt of Mourinho or even Wenger
  6. E R

    News chit chat

    This business with Prince Andrew seems a bit suspect wouldn’t you agree?
  7. E R

    NFFC Rumours

    I like Matty but anything at 12 million or above should be taken and invested in a striker as we have a couple of right backs who can cover and only 1 player seemingly who can score goals
  8. E R

    The politics thread

    Good old Nige The Brexit Party will not contest the 317 seats the Conservatives won at the last election
  9. E R

    The politics thread

    Conservative as per
  10. Maybe we should all vote Labour As well as £250bn in investment over 10 years for a green transformation fund to invest in areas such as clean energy and home insulation, Labour also pledged £150bn over five years for what it billed as a new social transformation fund.
  11. You would expect a win based on league position but with these games anything can happen I am going for a Desmond 2-2
  12. E R

    Forest v Luton

    A good win
  13. E R

    Forest v Luton

    Awful game
  14. E R

    Forest v Luton

    30Samba 11Cash 4Worrall 3Figueiredo 2Ribeiro 28Silva 8Watson 23Lolley 22Yates 19Ameobi 7Grabban Substitutes 10Carvalho 14Mir 18Robinson 36Chema 37Adomah 40Johnson 49Muric

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