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  1. legs_akimbo

    Ilkeston Town

    Just wondering if anyone on the forum ever goes to watch Ilkeston Town ? Wanted an opinion on a player there last year, centre back Bermudan international Dante Leverock. Signed for my local club Sligo Rovers.... is he any good ? Ta
  2. Ahhh for fucks sake. Hopeless defending. A fucking under 11 side would be embarrassed by this shit. What a let down when we have been brilliant in all other areas
  3. Dreadful dreadful defending AGAIN
  4. That's Lolley off in January
  5. We'll end up scoring 6 good goals and gifting 7
  6. We can't keep gifting goals like that
  7. legs_akimbo

    'Premier League 2'

    Exactly. The only thing it will affect in real terms is the cost to the supporters. More More and More.
  8. ROI football is pure muck. Great underage structure and teams/players coming through. Won't be great under next manager (probably Kenny from Dundalk) but MON has had his day, his departure is long overdue. Got forbid he ever comes to Forest... makes Krankie look like Ardiles in his Spurs era.
  9. legs_akimbo

    NFFC Rumours

    Drop dead gorgeous
  10. Terrific win. There's just no working this Forest side out. Groundhog day of course, what comes the next two or three games? Today belongs to Karanka, fair do's.
  11. We will nick this one nil in mind numbing coma inducing fashion.
  12. SOD took over mid July 2012 when if memoey serves we had about 10 co tracted professionals on the books and in about 6 weeks signed 11 players including world class footballers such a James Coppinger and Simon Gillet. He did an amazing job with a rag tag squad thrown together in haste and remember he came in as first team coach the season before which immediately coincided with an upturn in results, any comparison to Karanka is utterly preposterous. I'm all for listening to and debatingthe merits and shortcomings of AK but come on keep it away from the realms of fantasy. That's a real clutching at straws argument.
  13. legs_akimbo

    Burton away in the cup

    Beginning of the end for Karanka. That's why I'm not in the least bit upset by the result. It starkly shows how very bad we can be and I've a resigned acceptance that it's inevitable that we will keep limping along with three abject performances to every good one. This is unsustainable and eventually the plug will be pulled. Did you see Karanka's boat race last night, a picture of impotent clueless bewilderment. For Marinakas It's the equivalent of buying a Formula 1 team and putting an 85 year old geriatric with cataracts into the driving seat of your expensively assembled super car. If I was so embarrassed last night I switched off before the end cus I didn't want my kids laughing at me and my team when they came in the door, just imagine what the owner must be feeling. Objectively this was the kindest result for this terminal patient.
  14. The things that concern me are some of the decision making in games from highly paid professionals. Mainly the incessant hoofing of the ball when under no pressure into the opponents half and straight back to their defenders. Even before we took the lead we were doing this and it’s a basic coaching bugbear of mine. Behind every kick of the ball there should be some thought and purpose, teaching promising footballers at 13 not to aimlessly lump the ball 50 yards is a rudimentary skill, to see Forest do this like yesterday so often makes me despair. I coach kids under 16 at County level and if they employed some of the tactics Karanka does I would be pulling my hair out. Perhaps he was too, but it’s his job to get them playing with a different approach. This is why I can’t warm to Karanka and why I can’t see a promotion push without an improvement in playing style. We have still yet to string together two consecutive very good performances. Despite yesterday being defensively solid the attacking phases of play were scrappy, disjointed and lacked vision and purpose. Darikwa is and will remain a liability, his off the ball movement, lack of positional sense and crude defending style are going to cost points over the course of a season. Figureido isn’t far behind him, which makes yesterdays defensive display all the more surprising and yet welcome at the same time.

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