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  1. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Derby

    Brilliant performace. Lolley was the only disappointment, with him on fire we would have trounced the scum
  2. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Derby

    I think so far we have been excellent. Im 10 minutes behind on Sky... we could be 2 nil down for all I know
  3. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Hull

    MON had the measure of Carvalho, while everyone was falling over themselves convinced he was the reincarnate George Best.
  4. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Hull

    Saw great football tonight, some fantastic individual skills, on point simple pass and move football, creativity, defensive mastreclass, and some sublime perfectly weighted passes in behind the backs..... then I got home from Galway and had to watch the shit dished up by Forest in the last 25 minutes.
  5. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Hull

    And not a one of them of any quality, even the dead ball corners are piss poor.
  6. legs_akimbo

    Wigan v Forest

    I'd suggest every one bar Brum. If we had converted one chance today it would have again masked the fact we were second best team in a game, and today only just because Wign arent a great side. Nicking the odd goal at one end while hanging on at the other will not over time make you a top 6 side at seasons end. One telling point made today I heard and can relate to, is we are good without the ball but not good with it, which actually makes sense. We are not an easy team to beat, which is a refreshing change but we create very little. If we continue to give minutes to the likes of Mir and Bostock we will need to be ever more effective out of possession because they bring nothing to the table but turn over possession almost incessantly. We are a team going in the right direction but defeats like today I hope are a salutory lesson to the manager that we are still a team burdened with mediocrity (in the deeper squad)
  7. legs_akimbo

    Wigan v Forest

    We got what we deserved today and we've gotten more than we deserved in past games. We are not a top of the table side.....yet.
  8. legs_akimbo

    Wigan v Forest

    Thee lowest shots on target.
  9. legs_akimbo

    Wigan v Forest

    Matty Cash
  10. legs_akimbo

    Wigan v Forest

    Another 3 or 4 players signed that will make a rare handful of appearances then be consigned to history as an embarrassed shocking misjudgement in recruitment.... Thank God a few arent though, like Samba.
  11. legs_akimbo

    Wigan v Forest

    Typically turgid Forest permonance just like almost every other this season, but you can only grind out so many fortunately gained points while playing shit before things eventually even themselves out. This is a yawn fest. Expect much better in the second half surely.
  12. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Brentford

    Interesting stat that Forest have had fewest shots at goal of all the teams in the Championship. Not complaining at all, in fact its encouraging that once this issue of creativity is solved we will be unstoppable
  13. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Brentford

    Thats the spirit
  14. legs_akimbo

    Blackburn v Forest

    Anyone else not concerned that virtually every game we are not the better side While the results are encouraging the displays have me worried it could all turn around very quickly. My own thoughts are, we have signed another raft of average players, no better or worse than the multitude over the past decade, but the man at the helm can get much more out of the journeymen at his disposal. Give him some quality in January and a loan or two and we can get results while turning teams over with exciting displays at the same. Just got to be in the mix by Christmas.
  15. legs_akimbo

    Stoke v Forest

    Business as usual I see

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