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  1. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Reading

    Not got going again it seems 20 minutes in. Reading having the best of it according to Sky...anyone at the game concur ?
  2. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Reading

    Nil all
  3. legs_akimbo

    NFFC Rumours

    Wasn't that the Scandinavian kid joining the u23's ? Or both?
  4. legs_akimbo

    NFFC Rumours

    Came across this today saying Marcus McGuane has agreed to join Forest cutting short his Barcelona loan to some Dutch secod tier team. http://sportwitness.co.uk/manager-says-player-has-reached-an-agreement-with-nottingham-forest-paperwork-pending/
  5. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Luton

    Comfortable two nil
  6. legs_akimbo

    Reading v Forest

    Ha ha frustrated angry man who doesnt take critisism well and thinks his opinion should not be challenged. You ever thought about doing a refereeing course yoof Anyhow on a good unbeaten run. Within a whisper of taking 12 points . Like everyone I was pulling my hair out and cursing like a mad man, but whats not to be happy about ? and we havent got the imminent new signings through the door yet.
  7. legs_akimbo

    Reading v Forest

    Am I complaining ? Happy enough with a point , dissapointed and gobsmacked that we pretty much threw 2 pounts away but thats football. But you are the one constantly giving out to forum members who are critical following poor results and player underperformance but if you have any grasp at all of football then blaming the ref week in week out is just as tiresome to read. I'll put it down to frustration on your part but for fucks sake give it a rest.
  8. legs_akimbo

    Reading v Forest

    This. Every fucking week
  9. legs_akimbo

    Reading v Forest

    Ooo dont cry. You're a broken fucking record whahhh whahhh whahhhh the ref the ref the baaaastard ref
  10. legs_akimbo

    Reading v Forest

    Has there ever been a game where you haven't considered the ref isnt 90% at fault for Forest not winning ?
  11. legs_akimbo

    Jan strengthening project..

    I was most insulted, and not even an apology. What is the world coming to.
  12. legs_akimbo

    Jan strengthening project..

    I got all excited about this when I read about the interest, I got my players mixed up and thought we were going for Aaron Connelly from Brighton...thought the report had his age wrong so googled him and realised my dissapointing mix up. Connelly would have been a great signing, Murray hmmm not so much.
  13. legs_akimbo

    Jan strengthening project..

    Looks like your wish will be granted with 35 year old splinter arse Glen Murray first to arrive.
  14. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Pie eaters

    Well done Forest. Sitting in a good position, but the transfer window cant come soon enough. Some good early business is essential.
  15. legs_akimbo

    Hull City v Nottingham Forest

    Best I can see is a no score draw.

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