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  1. legs_akimbo

    An Apology

    God above, I looked in there occasionally in desperation, Mongs one and all.
  2. legs_akimbo

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Glue Factory
  3. legs_akimbo

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    Ecactly so, and yet people are scathing about O'Neil while in the same breath conceding nine tenths of our squad are fucking useless. I bet O'Neil holds a similar opinion.
  4. legs_akimbo

    Forest v sheff wed

    What actually happened there, was just settling in with a cuppa when I looked up and saw the ball cross the line ??????
  5. He's being harshly judged on his tenure with The ROI. If anything the result against Gibraltar is a great indicator of what dross Mick McCarthy has at his disposal. O'Neil and Keane need all of next season and if we dont make the top 6 then it is fair to say it would be time to change. Right now there's the nucleus of a promotion winning side but 50% of the playing staff are muck and wouldnt even get on to that piss poor Irish squad if eligible. Give them a chance lads, it beggars belief what some expect ...and as such are the bigger part of the problem in this never ending malaise, myself included. Back the Management like we all did Pearce when he arrived, cus MON has far and away more pedigree than almost any Manager we have had in years.
  6. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Villa

  7. legs_akimbo

    Forest v Villa

    We look as if they have all just got out of bed. Atrocious stuff. Fuck me that second, how can a man the size of Pantiimon not reach that, he only needed to lie himself down, soft soft soft goal. Brutal stuff
  8. legs_akimbo

    City Ground to be re-developed

    And just to add, it isn't going to happen overnight, probably not this year, maybe not next, but I'm convinced within 5 years we will be an established Premier league club with a stadium to be envied and a cat 1 academy equal to any in the country. And the only struggle every other week will be to get a hold of one of those 38 thousand tickets. Put your shoulders to the wheel, Doughty and Fawaz at al have crushed your spirit, it's time to finally believe again.
  9. legs_akimbo

    City Ground to be re-developed

    Does anyone of these negative posters not consider that a stadium investment of such magnitude won't be matched with equal ambition on the pitch. Sure let's not bother having a great stadium we can fill because we may never be an established premier team.... But what if we actually do become one ??? Some people are only at their happiest when whining.
  10. legs_akimbo

    Stoke v Forest

    Just thought I'd throw this up for anyone as might be interested https://www.rte.ie/sport/soccer/2019/0301/1033736-oneill-restoring-reputation-as-forest-eye-play-offs/
  11. legs_akimbo

    Stoke v Forest

    Same as ^^^ that man
  12. legs_akimbo

    Birmingham v Forest

    I'd assume it was a question as opposed to a statement.
  13. legs_akimbo

    Roy on telly tonight

    Might be interesting on Virgin Media 1 at 10.30pm You'll always get it straight talking when Roy talks so probably worth a watch. Former Irish Rugby player Donnacha O'Callahan interviewing former sportsman on their lives after retirement from the sport. Keane's interview supposedly the most notable of the contributions.
  14. legs_akimbo

    Let's all laugh at Notts County

    County fans are morons. Every time they appoint a new Manager the majority of them are calling for the ones that they were only recently howling for the sacking of. Knocks spots of fickle Forest fans. And why the fuck does anyone have a picture of their cock on their camera roll, let alone inadvertently tweeting it to the world. What an absolute spanner.
  15. legs_akimbo

    NFFC Rumours

    If MON gets shot of Hefele and Darikwa that's got to be a show of intent. The pair are embarrisingly poor.

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