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  1. Inca

    An Apology

    Never a dull moment at NG2 is there. At least we smashed the sheep last night!
  2. Inca

    An Apology

    Hi mate, yes he does a ST holder all these years.
  3. Inca

    An Apology

    Bulk mate how you doing? Long time eh!
  4. Inca

    NFFC Rumours

    I think it's this bit: His impressive youth performances earned him a move to the south coast with Nice where he would make his debut, but the four-time French champions were left unimpressed with his development and after two appearances for the first team decided not to offer him a professional contract He was then picked up by Guingamp who sent him immediately on a season-long loan with lower league side, Bastia. The 23-year-old scored six in 31 games in the French third division, earning him a permanent move to Ligue 2 with Nimes. So far this season the striker, who is often deployed out wide, has scored three goals in 36 appearances
  5. Inca

    NFFC Rumours

    Been palmed off everywhere he's been and a battering ram in France's third tier. Good God. Leave well alone
  6. Inca


    In your opinion Colin. It was a typical end of season nothing to play for game. I can count on one hand Forest games I have been to recently that were entertaining. The same goes for other teams. Any team in any division.
  7. Inca

    If Notts go down...

    Couldn't agree more.
  8. Wind yer necks in you lot. MON has been at the club what. 3 days? Surely you can't expect miracles in 3 days? The new lad got slated on here before a ball was kicked. Turns out he was one of our best players on the day. I think we'll see a different, better Forest V Wigan. Time gentleman please.
  9. Inca


    People keep referencing to MON time at Ireland. Well what did he have to work with? Not a lot. That Irish side would probably struggle to get in the top 6 in the Championship.
  10. Inca


    MON and (if he comes in too) Keane will sort out the egos of some of the players and bring them crashing back to earth with a bang.
  11. Hoping for a win. Also hoping it's not the we can beat any top 6 team but loose to sides like this scenario.
  12. Spot on Bestwood. You don't bring these sort of players on in a game like that. Confidence is a very fragile thing
  13. Why. To appease you and the rest of the "know all's" on here? You lot would pick holes in a fucking doughnut.
  14. Inca

    What's wrong with the UK?

    Try going to see your team live once in a while. I can give you directions to the ground if you wish.....
  15. Never a truer word spoken. Even when we were winning leagues, European champions, League cups and so on. Forest fans were still not happy. Forest fans are fickle. Fact.

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