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  1. the_saurus

    Warburton Gone

    This is getting silly. I am not saying Warburton is great, and we were on a bad run, but the fact is he saved us from almost certain relegation last year and we are currently 14th now. So currently on a upward(boring one at that) trajectory. We have sacked ten mangers in the last 5.5 years, thats almost a manager every 6 months. These Managers are not idiots, who would want to come to an environment like that??We not exactly Real Madrid level ether... My question is, what is a sack-able offense at Forest?Where do you expect us to be realistically, do you expect Warburton to save us from Relegation then win us the league?? I always harp back to Alex Ferguson, who took 2/3 years before he got Manure going.. So where should this team be this season considering Warburton not had millions and we were on life support last year??? Because if you expect us top 3, then chances are we will be sacking managers every 6 months for a long time...
  2. the_saurus

    Forest v Fulham

    I agree, Mark W Maybe crap, he may be brilliant, but currently we do not know because he aint had enough time. Give him until February as he would have had another transfer window and hopefully the players would have adapted by then. As you say, sacking a manager that doesn't get FC Barca results also does not work, we continue to try this and fail. Also, you mention Clough, was it not Ferguson who had chants of "out out out" until he beast us in the FA cup, im sure he had longer than MW...
  3. the_saurus

    Jollies this year...

    Good stuff. Uk is Amazing place, some of the best Country side in the world imo.
  4. the_saurus

    Jollies this year...

    Just did a stint in Dubrovnik. 29 degrees in September, miss all the school kids and summer rush. Amazing place. Def going there again. Although very pricey
  5. the_saurus

    Pie gate

    "are they better than the sausage rolls" if you thread the thread properly on the main forum. It was a light hearted joke...
  6. the_saurus

    Pie gate

    Well are they? http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/nottingham-forest-fans-fight-over-11064557
  7. the_saurus

    Recommend a film

    Dunkirk i saw about a month ago. Incredible film. No pc nonsense like Atomic Blonde(Random has horrible taste in films and should be barred from reviewing film on this forum). Dunkirk should be shown in ALL UK schools.... 8.5 out of 10...
  8. the_saurus

    rooney's international retirement

    Brilliant player, agree with Nottm red, People forget how good he was in euro 2004 with Michael owen(another that got injured alot.), I remember against france he was schooling Zidane etc and was on track to be top scorer until he did his ankle in. Beckham overrated Rooney, brilliant....
  9. the_saurus

    News chit chat

    Oh my. So sorry you had to wittness that. So sad for the man. God bless his souland his family. Suicide rates in the western world have to gone up since the financial crash surely??, mental health needs alot more funding/research... I use the train alot, especially getting rid of my car, so im lucky i have not wittnessed anything like that
  10. the_saurus

    Is there only me on this poxy forum

    Basically there is a strong to positive correlation of me posting and views/posts going up. As i always said, i should be paid to post here as i get bums on seats....
  11. the_saurus

    Jokes post yours here

    Why are tennis players not very romantic. Because love means nothing to them....
  12. the_saurus

    News chit chat

    No what won me the debate is the fact that under Tory reign inequality has been reduced. Then our Oxyten wearing Snow flake Danny seethed beyond recognition which made the debate victory a landslide... As i say...next......
  13. the_saurus

    The BBC

    What a rubbish analogy..Nuclear weapons is defense. Whether you think its right or wrong is decided at the ballot box. However BBC is TV entertainment and sub standard one at that. But what makes it worse is the tax payers do not have to pay a large sum of money for love island, but do to fund "entertainment shows" such as bake off, Graham Norton etc. Are you going to compare tax payers money on health/Education to Tv entertainments??? Improve your analogies, otherwise get off this thread, you are out of your depth...
  14. the_saurus

    News chit chat

    I win the debate. Spotty Danny 0, the_saurus 1..... Next...
  15. the_saurus

    The BBC

    Your choice, but i should have the choice not to pat 140 plus quid...there will be people that have a TV to watch Netflix(5 quid a month), never watch the bbc, yet still have to pay bbc an absurd amount of money so Trevor Nelson can get 300 000... Get rid and let it fight for its survival, if its that good it will survive...

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