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  1. Daz555

    News chit chat

    She broke him gradually but yes he was weak to start with. She is a complete psychopath and probably picked him out because she thought he was exploitable. She is a vile excuse for a human. I fear for that man and his family when she gets out in a few years.
  2. Daz555

    News chit chat

    Yeah what a prize wanker he showed himself to be.
  3. Daz555

    News chit chat

    I met him once and we had a polite hello, how are you, isn't it cold today type chat. He is one of the creepiest twats I've ever met. He comes across like a bloke who is still being breastfed by his mother.
  4. Daz555

    News chit chat

    And here we are. The entire nation on a knife edge because the fucking Tories are a bunch of cunts. I grew up in the chaos of the 70s. Never imagined the nation and our politics would be even worse 40-odd years later. What a fucking shit show.
  5. Daz555

    News chit chat

    Does anyone here who voted leave have any cause for concern about that vote in the light of the last 2.5 yrs of information we did not have in 2016?
  6. Daz555

    News chit chat

    Labour do have a plan. It's the same one as the Tories - ask the EU for a unicorn but walk away with a donkey.
  7. Daz555

    News chit chat

    We are leaving - May's deal makes that clear. The ballot only had two options - IN or OUT. Everyone knew that the detail of the OUT decision would be decided by the government of the day and would have nothing to do with the referendum campaigning.
  8. Daz555

    News chit chat

    It's not about losing the custom, it is about making trade more difficult and therefore more costly. Costs which will be paid for by the consumer.
  9. Daz555

    News chit chat

    Worth noting that the comment that only 5% of businesses trade with the EU is not quite right. That's 5% who EXPORT to the EU. 43% of UK imports are from the EU - and of course those imports have one or more UK businesses in the chain.
  10. Daz555

    News chit chat

    No-deal now looks inevitable to me and the key point that has been talked about in the press this week is that no-deal is the only one the mad Brexiters will get away with. They know that as soon as they are forced to write anything down relating to a deal it will get torn to shreds due to horrible inconsistencies or it being unworkable etc. No matter what they write down or agree in terms of a deal will be ripped apart in this manner. So the answer from these nutters will not be to put the whole thing on hold or call it off, but to instead drive the nation of a cliff. It is utterly bonkers. Make no mistake. Millions will lose their jobs, their money, their investments, their retirement plans, their homes, and people will die as a direct result of a no-deal Brexit. If I had a reliance on any medicine manufactured outside of the UK I'd start stockpiling it immediately. The whole shambles is disgusting - rotten to the very core. The politicians involved deserve to be in jail.
  11. Daz555

    Jollies this year...

    I bought a VW campervan a couple of months ago so this summer we will be focusing most of our holidays around that. On Friday we head off for a 2 week camping trip which starts with a 3 day VW festival near Cheltenham.
  12. Daz555


    Jesus fucking christ.
  13. Daz555

    World Cup 2018 draw

    The teddy! Yep, that's her.
  14. Daz555

    World Cup 2018 draw

    Same Hannah? Surely not - what is her twitter id?

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