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  1. Daz555

    The politics thread

    I'll vote Green or Lib Dem most likely - not that it matters. I live in one of the safest Labour seats in the country.
  2. Fossil fuels releases carbon that was part of our atmosphere millions of years ago. It is locked away and if it were not for human ingenuity would have never been released into the atmosphere today. CO2 from 60 million to 550 million years ago would be best left where it is and it seems finally that we are starting to wake up to that fact.
  3. This graph is one of the most startling illustrations of how the current climate warming is nothing remotely natural. It is man made. https://xkcd.com/1732/
  4. Gas IS a fossil fuel. However it does have a far smaller carbon footprint than coal or oil so could certainly be part of the solution.
  5. Daz555

    The politics thread

    Johnson's deal is a car crash. Only someone who values their seat (or has some other motive driven by financial gain) over the welfare of the nation would vote for it. Corbyn is a monumental bellend though. He thinks he can win an election but he's deluded. We are of course in this Brexit deadlock because the Tories decided to hold an election in 2017. It was the will of the people that the Tory party would not be able to form a majority in Government. Funny that the Tories want to let the people speak again in an election, but unwilling to let them speak again on Brexit.....
  6. Daz555

    The politics thread

    Johnson's deal gets nothing over with. Nothing. It is just the start of 10 years of cliff edge decisions related to our relationship with the EU starting with the need to secure a trade deal with them in less than a year.
  7. Daz555

    The politics thread

    So now we wait once again for Parliament to reject this crappy deal - as they should. It's a bad deal if you are a remainer or a brexiter.
  8. Daz555

    The politics thread

    "Take back control." What that really means is giving control to Johnson and all the Eton/Bullingdon cunts around him. Jesus, what a shit show. I'll never for the life of me understand why these toffs get the votes and support of the working man.
  9. Daz555

    The politics thread

    Dark times when our politicians use words like "traitors" to describe our judiciary.
  10. Daz555

    The politics thread

    An election won't solve the Brexit problem though - no deal vs "some" deal will remain regardless. The worst thing that could happen for the UK right now is for us to stumble into a position where a Government has a majority to pass a no deal Brexit.
  11. Daz555

    The politics thread

    And we all know the Tories would happily throw the country under a bus in order to protect the party. What a bunch of wankers the lot of em.
  12. Daz555

    The politics thread

    Those bikes were introduced by Ken Livingston. It just so happened Boris was Mayor by the time the scheme had its first day of operation. Naturally Boris took credit for the work of others.
  13. Daz555

    The politics thread

    It will be very serious if that cunt gets into power. I'll likely be protesting about it because I try to retain some sense of giving a fuck. I would not throw a milkshake at anyone though. Its already clichéd.
  14. Daz555

    The Women's World Cup

    My daughter is a good player and I'm fucking delighted to see the women's game get some serious exposure, The greatest tennis player of all time is a woman. The second greatest is a woman as well. What's wrong with debating in future if Ronaldo or Messi or Maradona have found their equivalent match in female sport?
  15. Daz555

    The politics thread

    Interesting how Labour leadership and Tories have spun the vote for remain parties in the local elections as a "call to get on with Brexit". Nope. Not even fucking close.

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