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  1. It’s only pensioners and proper weirdos who really care about what the royal family are up to isn’t it?

    Dont get me wrong I’m not anti royal as such but I couldn’t give a toss whether Harry and Meghan are fucking it all off or not. The way some people go on anyone would think they’re close personal friends of the family 😂

  2. 4 minutes ago, Dane B said:

    This is true Luke, although it would be a bitter pill losing our best player.

    Rumours are that AC have offered £15m. Transfermarkt have his value at £3.6m. If spent wisely, that £15m could go a long way to securing premiership football next season. Only 9 days of the window left, but if we've done our homework, flog Carvalho to Olympiacos, have quality replacements lined up, we could well have £25m to just about buy promotion.

    Of course, none of this will happen. 

    Yep, it’s terrible timing. I hope he will at least stay until the end of the season but must be hard to turn down this kind of opportunity. He’s be excellent this season and will be big boots to fill.

  3. 4 hours ago, Dane B said:

    Here's a question Art. Why hasn't  our betting odds changed to decimal when everything else has? Ours is still based on the old money half crown and crown. 8 half crowns to a pound and 4 crowns to a pound, hence 5/4, 6/4, 11/8, 13/8 etc. I'm asking you because you come across as the Forum's smart arse'd git. 😂

    I hate decimals. Much prefer the fractions.

  4. 3 hours ago, E R said:

    I am saying I think they are still being sworn in so maybe give them a bit more time? Maybe the result is still a bit raw for you and you are just angry?

    I wouldn’t hold my breath about any of it though and in my opinion the Tories are no worse than Labour or the Lib Dem’s when it comes to lying before an election and all of them have no doubt lied again in recent weeks

    Didnt Corbyn say he would scrap student loans at one stage? 

    The way I see it is even the Noverners felt like they were being fucked over by Labour and the Lib Dem’s over Brexit so have rebelled. The election was only ever really a 2nd referendum and once again the people have spoken. 

    And from what I saw both the Labour and the Lib Dem’s campaigns required the workers in this country to be taxed even further through the nose to pay for their plans plus either trying to negotiate a new deal and hold another referendum or in the case of the Lib Dem’s ignore the first vote altogether - and it has hurt them both bad

    Their must be a reason that the Tories have smashed Labour across the country and that to me is probably due to Labour and the Lib Dem’s not taking Brexit seriously and after that all of the manifestos are just packs of lies so all you can hope for is that you keep your job, that you don’t get any more tax on your salary and anything that special affects that may sadly affect your life like special schools, hospitals, charities etc get the funding you need 🙏🏻

    The new Tory government and their huge majority will do what they want now so you either accept it or leave 😔

    So basically you are happy for politicians to lie? They do say you get the politicians you deserve.

  5. 3 hours ago, E R said:

    I seriously have wondered what it must be like to have voted Remain and Labour over the last decade and continuously be on the losing side (not a dig at anyone on here). I have wondered would I leave if I was that unhappy and try for a new life somewhere else. It seems to me that most Remain and Labour voters just check the media on a daily basis looking at something to snipe about as if it was so much better under Tony Blair. Boris (I am not a fan by the way) has been elected less than a week ago and already people are analysing his campaign promises. Did anyone on here vote for Boris or Jezzer and believe their lies?

    i have always looked at all MP’s as lying cunts and other than Brexit I expect nothing from the Tories or any of the cunts and just hope they don’t tax me any more than they currently do. The end. 

    What’s wrong with ‘analysing’ his campaign promises? Are you saying that he or any other politician should be free to lie about their intentions and it is unfair to pull them up on it?

  6. 1 hour ago, Daz said:

    I’ve seen some suggestions that it will take Labour 10 years to undo this mess but I disagree (if it helps cheer anyone up). Even though it is a big majority, I think the support is wide more than it is deep, and in many cases it will just be to get ‘Brexit done’. The Tories have a lot to do in the next five years to consolidate these votes.

    Demographic change is also going away from a lot of the traditional southern seats. They are only going to go backwards in London and in remain areas in future.

    So as long as Labour pick a decent genuine leader then they could bounce back. 


    Agree. I think with the issue of Brexit long done come the 2024 election, Labour gone regain many of its heartlands that stuck their fingers up at them this time. There’s many many traditional Labour voters who wanted to vote Labour but couldn’t - primarily because of either Brexit or Corbyn.


    This all depends on them electing a more sensible leader this time around which, of course, they won’t.

  7. 58 minutes ago, Daz555 said:

    Can't believe Corbyn did not resign last night.

    I wonder what version of Brexit we'll get from Boris now he has total control of Parliament?

    Any version he wants now he can do what he likes.

    Boris is PM for 5 years now - we will start to see promises broken very early on a wide range of things.

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