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  1. Lichaj is fucking shite isn’t he? Makes Darikwa look like Cafu.
  2. Superb three points away from home. Get in Forest. Another clean sheet too.
  3. Should be winning this. We still can...need to come out second half like we started the first. Come on Forest
  4. nottmred

    News chit chat

    David Davis said that there'd be no downside to brexit, only a considerable upside. Then you had Liam Fox and Nigel Farage saying the trade deals would be quick and easy and could be sorted out in one afternoon. You then, of course, have the infamous red bus. And now you've got folk saying it's not the end of the world, we'll live and wanting to leave without any sort of deal (which could have been sorted out in one afternoon) .
  5. nottmred

    News chit chat

    Yeah we will. But what happened to this glorious Brexit we were all promised? Thought it was going to be brilliant?
  6. nottmred

    News chit chat

    The leave side have changed their tune massively on Brexit. It was all going to be an amazing utopia then it slowly went to “it will be fairly good” then to “it’s not the end of the world” then all of a sudden it’s “well we survived two world wars, im sure we can survive this.” Amazing really that we’re now just talking merely surviving. And still the hardline brexiters press on. I suspect many don’t want to lose face so are just going with it but many are actually deluded I think. All to line the pockets of the likes of Farage, JRM and their buddies who will all profit from this. Sod the rest of us.
  7. Need to putting sides like this away. 1-1
  8. nottmred

    News chit chat

    It’s the best possible deal that can be achieved. Which shows exactly what a bad idea this all is.
  9. nottmred

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    Jeremy Corbyn in disguise
  10. nottmred

    News chit chat

    May to hold a press conference inside Downing Street at 5pm. Possible resignation?
  11. nottmred

    News chit chat

    Shadow Home Secretary....god knows what would be worse
  12. nottmred

    News chit chat

    I never thought we'd get a second referendum but now I'm not sure. I don't see another way forward out of this mess the Tories have landed us with.
  13. nottmred

    News chit chat

    Raab the first the go then. He lasted long EDIT: McVey has also resigned know. Rats deserting the ship.
  14. nottmred

    News chit chat

    I take your point but Abbot isn't deputy mate - it's Tom Watson. He's alright I reckon.
  15. nottmred

    News chit chat

    I tell you what I would love Rees-Mogg to become Tory leader. He would be rejected by the electorate. Even Corybn would beat him. Are you sure that is the process? I just presumed there would be a Tory leadership contest?
  16. nottmred

    News chit chat

    Reports now than enough Tory MP’s are willing to give a vote of no confidence in May. The beginning of the end of her distractions reign...
  17. nottmred

    What's wrong with the UK?

    The absolute fuss over Corbyn’s coat. Fucking hell fire. Of all the things to criticise the bloke about , this isn’t one of them.
  18. nottmred

    Dedicated stream thread.

    I've got a thing called IPTV on my firestick. Usually has every single Championship game on. Have a look in to it.
  19. nottmred

    News chit chat

    I don't think I've ever laughed at anything he's done. Absolutely stealing a living.
  20. It’s great when you’re winning and all credit goes to Karanka today. It’s when the results aren’t as good is when the style of play gets criticised and I make no apologies for that. Playing that way and losing is awful. Playing that way and winning is tolerable. Long may it continue.
  21. We’re not good at holding on but this would be a cracking three points.

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