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  1. 1-1 with a late derby equaliser
  2. nottmred

    News chit chat

    If the Labour leadership wasn’t so awful I’d probably agree with you. What an awful choice we have at the moment.
  3. nottmred


    Matt Forde tends to label anyone who played for Forest as 'Phenomenal'. I'm sure he said this about Eoin Jess in this podcast
  4. nottmred


    Gave it a listen a few days ago and was also going to start a thread about it. I was too young to remember it properly under Platt - was it really that bad? Apart from the three italians, were there any other terrible signings? I seem to remember he signed the likes of David Johnson, Jack Lester and Riccy Scimeca so wasn't all bad? Was very surprised to hear the players were gutted when he left and enjoyed his sessions etc as I've always just assumed he was a complete and utter dud.
  5. Karanka said fox and/or Dawson could play a part. Even fox back would be a boost so Osborn doesn’t haven’t to slot in at left back.
  6. 8 points off top two. That’s a long way.
  7. Sounds like we’re missing Dawson.
  8. Tachtsidis still here? Not played yet has he?
  9. He is by the looks of the team. Hefele and Robinson at centre half. Osborn oddly takes the armband too.
  10. Some big prices today. Derby look huge at 29/29 as do Peterborough at 21/20 and Scunthorpe at 6/5!
  11. nottmred

    FA cup draw

    I seem to remember one that said: Clough 2 Mourinho 0
  12. nottmred

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    As tight is the league is currently, I think we'll definitely start to see a group split away and open up a gap on the rest. We should be amongst them.
  13. nottmred

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    Any word on Dawson?
  14. nottmred

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    We will certainly be in the mix but there’s a couple good sides. Norwich will win the league and then 2nd spot is between us, derby, villa, Leeds and Boro I reckon.
  15. nottmred

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    We have the best striker in the league and a superb midfield. We should fear absolutely nobody. The playoffs are there for the taking.
  16. nottmred

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    Grabban is fucking brilliant.
  17. nottmred

    Match Thread : vs Ipswich Town

    Dropping Yacob and Cash?! 1-1
  18. nottmred

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    He come across as a right thick cunt in the interview too. Car crash waiting to happen.
  19. Our biggest concern from last night should be that Figuerido is now banned for the next three. Annoyingly, this includes Derby too.
  20. What a game!! A good point all things considered....great chance to follow up with 3 against Ipswich.
  21. What a game!! A good point all things considered....great chance to follow up with 3 against Ipswich.
  22. nottmred

    News chit chat

    I don't think it does appease remain people or leavers - it does the opposite. We aren't remaining and it's a poor deal for leave voters.
  23. nottmred

    News chit chat

    Can you remember when Cameron warned it would be absolute chaos if Ed Miliband was elected instead of him?
  24. Would take a point. Villa 1-1 Forest

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