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  1. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    Would take him on loan. Has to be better than Pantilimon no matter how much he's declined in recent years.
  2. Trying something different would be a start.
  3. He’ll never change will he? That’s why he won’t take us anywhere.
  4. What will it take for Karanka to play yates? Guedioura was abysmal
  5. Am I the only one who thinks Steele has been poor? All of our keepers are shit.
  6. Can’t believe folk are suggesting playing anything other than our best side. What’s the point otherwise?
  7. Course he has input in transfer. Just not transfer negotiations. You don’t honestly think he was on the phone haggling over a price with the Blackburn chairman do you? It’s not football manager
  8. I doubt Karanka is involved in any transfer negotiations.
  9. Great result but shouldn’t have been behind in that game when Leeds went down to 10. I still think he’s under pressure and still wouldn’t be surprised to see him sacked.
  10. I still don’t think we’ll win this. They’ve created loads and we’re shit defensively. Aitor needs to go for a second rather than sit back. If he goes for it we’ll win. If he sits back we won’t.
  11. Can’t see past a loss here.
  12. nottmred

    Millwall v Forest

    I can’t believe that people are still defending him. The cunt wins three games every 10 we play. His results are dire and for the money we’ve spent it’s just not good enough. Gone today I reckon.
  13. nottmred

    Millwall v Forest

    Fucking shite
  14. nottmred

    Millwall v Forest

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Murphy scores.
  15. I really hope he gets fucked off. The media are reporting his job is under threat this evening.
  16. How many times have we gone there to see us capitulate? So refreshing to see us battle and put in a shift. Hefele is immense in the air but he scared the shit out of me anytime the ball was at his feet. Darikwa was poor also. Robinson, Colback and Yacob the stand out performers but most of them were decent.
  17. nottmred

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Yep. Cardiff will go down to the wire I think though but will just drop.
  18. Great away performance. Yacob and Colback as was Jack Robinson I thought. Played out of position but did really well. Draw probably a fair result although we came closest to winning it. If only Lolley’s effort went in instead of smashing the bar...!
  19. Not feeling confident with that defence. Our attackers can cause problems though. Come on Forest
  20. Been very quiet surrounding news on Dawson hasn't it? My guess is he plays.
  21. nottmred

    News chit chat

    I didn’t

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