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  1. nottmred

    The politics thread

    But there's the idiots that genuinely believe the likes of JRM and Johnson are on their side and are just sticking up for them
  2. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Boris getting absolutely battered at the moment - the useless fucker can't get anything he wants through Parliament. Then there's folk saying he's doing a great job....he hasn't done anything.
  3. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    Be interesting to see what happens with the stadium. How do they buy it back? Maybe old Mel won’t want to give it back.
  4. nottmred

    The politics thread

    He is funny though isn’t he? Hahahaha silly old Boris!
  5. nottmred

    Fixtures for coming season

    Tough start. I fear the knives will be out for MON early on.
  6. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    Really? I thought he was shite. Milosevic and Figuerido are the ones we need to keep hold of.
  7. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Was thinking the same. Strange that it’s been deleted...
  8. nottmred

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    Fuck him the sheep shagging bastard!
  9. nottmred


    I can see Derby struggling next season. Back goes Mount, Tomori and Wilson and along with an aging squad they have a lot of rebuilding to do. Not sure they have the money anymore either. Sit back and enjoy
  10. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Should stop moaning about milkshakes and do what Prescott did and chin them
  11. nottmred

    The politics thread

    The thing with Farage is, not long ago he said he would pick up a rifle if needs be. Now he's crying over a milkshake. Hardly think he'll be much cop in a battle.
  12. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Leftist national press? I stopped reading there.
  13. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    Not sure to be honest. I thought I read he had another year left though?
  14. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    £1m fee and 35k a week is the asking price for Colback apparently. I’d snap him up like a shot personally.
  15. nottmred

    Premier League chit chat

    Robert Huth
  16. nottmred


    Villa have beaten them 4-0 and 3-0 this season. Derby to win then
  17. nottmred


    He won 9 in 19 in the end didn’t he? And we were robbed away at WBA and Preston. Not a bad record with someone else’s team. Lets see how he does next season.
  18. nottmred

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Home win
  19. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Didn’t vote this time round. I can’t vote for a pro-brexit Labour. Or a Labour Party led by a racist. The Ashfield Independents have absolutely smashed everyone around here. No doubt full of good local people but is led by the cretin Jason Zadrozny who was booted out of the Lib Dems when he was charged with child sex offences.
  20. nottmred

    If Notts go down...

    I know there’s a debate about it but isn’t it Stoke? They claim they were founded in 1863.
  21. nottmred

    QPR v Forest match thread

    How many clean sheets is that now? Can’t believe some folk still prefer Steele
  22. nottmred

    QPR v Forest match thread

    Win. Could be our last game this season if Bolton players refuse to play again next week.
  23. nottmred

    Karanka out

    Can’t see him getting a job at this level but surprised nobody from league one has taken a punt on him. As has been said, he’s a nutter but he’d get any side punching above their weight.
  24. nottmred

    Karanka out

    Just on Billy, he was a decent gaffer. He was just an absolute crank. He could get Rotherham in the playoffs him I would love to see someone take a chance on him to see how he gets on again.
  25. nottmred

    Nottingham Forest vs Middlesbrough

    What a result. Shame it’s too little too late. He should play the same side and system for the last two games and see how we get on.

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