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  1. nottmred

    Keith Foy

    I remember him vividly. I was only a little one when he was bursting on to the scene but remember he was highly rated and was someone to get excited about. Can't remember any of his performances though.
  2. nottmred

    Boxing thread

    Always great to see Groves get battered
  3. No coincidence we've looked better as we've started to play a settled side with less changes.
  4. I'd rate Blackpool at home easier to be honest. Clough knows how to motivate sides - especially against us!
  5. I reckon we were all wrong about Murphy being past it. He’s got goals in him.
  6. Win. Draw the sheep in the next round.
  7. Awful game but a win is a win. You reds!
  8. Rotherham are better than they were two years when they were last in the league. That said, we should still be pushing these aside comfortably. Forest 2-1
  9. Osborns finishing is shocking but he assisted both goals tonight in fairness.
  10. nottmred

    Dedicated stream thread.

    Yep, great stream. Made better with the radio Nottingham commentary.
  11. Great win that was much needed. Have to beat Rotherham now and hopefully go on a run. You reds!
  12. Colback been superb. Great to see Grabban get a goal.
  13. nottmred

    News chit chat

    He will be soon. He's definitely on the move.
  14. I can see Dias and Carvalho coming straight back in and probably Murphy if fit. Then I wouldn't be surprised to see Tachtidis and Yacob start. Who knows? Not even sure Karanka does.
  15. nottmred

    Book of Condolence Thread

    I think people are getting thicker in general. It's all the shite that's on the telly nowadays that's done it I reckon. Shows like TOWIE that celebrate ignorance and Geordie Shore that make people idolise idiots pissing the bed on the national TV. Bonkers.
  16. nottmred

    Reasons why you HATE the modern game...

    Barcelona Vs Girona to be played in the US. A Spanish league game being played not only in a different country but a different continent. Premier League next.
  17. After reflection, neither would I. I’d had one too many bottles But he does need to change his ways because his negative tactics will be his downfall. He will be gone within the next couple of months if he persists with two holding midfielders.
  18. I’ve never seen such negative football played with players like the ones we have. There are plenty managers who would be able to get the best out of them simply by playing a more attacking style. It’s not rocket science is it? I bet the Portuguese lads are wondering why they fucking bothered coming. They’re being stifled. I keep reading that we’ve only lost one this season too. Sounds great that does until you realise we’ve only won one too.
  19. 6 games? He’s been manager since January mate.
  20. I can be patient but we’re 8 months down the line and we’ve got worst after spending so much money in the transfer window. I’ve had enough and I’m convinced we’re capable of better. Karanka out!
  21. I always try and support managers Dane but this is something else. Signing fast, excitng, tricky Portuguese starlets and then persisting with two holding midfielders. I’m sick to death of him.

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