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  1. He’s an absolute twat but he gave us something to cheer about. Results were good as was the football.
  2. nottmred

    Burton away in the cup

    There'll be plenty more of armchair fans soon when they get bored of watching that shite.
  3. nottmred

    Burton away in the cup

    I wonder if the fans were putting too much pressure on the players?
  4. nottmred

    Burton away in the cup

    Karanka is a fraud. Fuck him off now.
  5. nottmred

    Burton away in the cup

    Exactly what I thought too. His legs have gone.
  6. nottmred


    I think they're a bit Jekyll and Hyde like us. They've got the capability to blow teams away like last night but then struggle against shite like Rotherham and Bolton. Definite playoff contenders as you say though.
  7. nottmred

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Not sure if there's anything in it but there's a gamble going on at Exeter in the 3.20 Elysian Prince was 7/1 now in to 7/2.
  8. nottmred

    What's wrong with the UK?

    It's hard to tell if they are parody accounts these days but I saw someone comment on one of these type of posts saying " Our soldiers fought and died for the poppy"
  9. What did she say ? Didn’t hear it
  10. Was awful. Feel sorry for anyone who pays to watch that shite regularly. Karanka out
  11. nottmred

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    I think Pantilimon is still involved in the Romanian set up but could be wrong.
  12. nottmred

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Absolutely boring aren't they? I barley even bother to check the scores.
  13. nottmred

    News chit chat

    Thatcher knew.
  14. nottmred

    Fantasy Football

    I joined one with work. Made the mistake of putting De Gea in net. He's been minus points for two weeks running. Time for a change I think...
  15. nottmred


    Indifferent start for Derby but only have played 4 teams from the current top 15. Lots of harder games for them coming up could see a slide down the table.
  16. nottmred

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Wow, what a result. Up to 5th.
  17. nottmred

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    I've predicted they bag 3 as well...I can really see it. Just though it was strange as most of us would definitely want Pulis nowhere near here due to his negative tactics.
  18. nottmred

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Weird int it how we all perceive Pulis to be negative and boring yet we're all predicting 3 or 4 goals his side score against us.
  19. nottmred

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Awful team selection.
  20. nottmred

    Match Thread: Middlesbrough - Forest

    Boro win for me too. Boro 3-0 Forest
  21. We have to beat these. 2-1 Forest
  22. We've got to win away sometime Dane! Seriously though, we've started to improve now and were unlucky not to beat Blackburn who are really strong at home. I fancy us at Bolton.
  23. Agree with that although no reason we can't go to Bolton and win as well. Leeds at home is tough but we're looking strong at home and they won't fancy coming here.

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