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  1. nottmred

    Conspiracy Theories

    Looking at all the photos and footage of the pair, I always think Kate looks distraught and haunted whilst Gerry is a bit cold and too calm for my liking. I’ve obvipusly no idea who I’d act in the same situation but does seem strange. My theory is I reckon it was an accident, they covered it up and have carried on with the lie. It has broken Kate and she carries it with her at all times. Gerry more concerned with getting away with it.
  2. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Another second referendum is the only way out of this I reckon. Lots of promises were banded about before the referendum such as we won’t be threatening our place in the single market, the 350m for the NHS etc... Now we know the truth of what Brexit will look like, what’s the harm in asking people “are you sure?” If the answer to that question is “Yes, we are sure. We want to leave” then that will settle it.
  3. nottmred

    Premier League chit chat

    I’ll go for Shearer, Cole and Ferdinand
  4. nottmred

    Martin O Neill

    She was on here years ago. Whatever happened to McGugan? Is he still even playing?
  5. nottmred

    Ipswich vs Forest

    Didn’t seem anything wrong with Murphys goal there? Refs fucking hate us.
  6. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

    Well we are only three points off. As I said it’s unlikely but anything can happen. We win on Saturday and results go our way then who knows? Our problem is putting a run together.
  7. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

    Looking forward to see how we are next season after O’Neill has had a pre season with them.
  8. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

    I reckon so too. Worth a few quid for sure.
  9. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

    Looking more and more unlikely but still not out of it. Crazy league.
  10. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

    Pele will be like Moussi. Play liked Vieira one game and then Daryl Powell the next.
  11. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

    We started to come into it a bit towards the end of the half. Their defence looks shaky and I reckon we can get something.
  12. nottmred

    Forest v Villa

  13. Loving O’Neill and Keane so far. You fucking reds.
  14. Agreed - he has been really really good.
  15. We’re the better side so far. If only Grabban was fit...

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