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  1. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    Yep, it’s terrible timing. I hope he will at least stay until the end of the season but must be hard to turn down this kind of opportunity. He’s be excellent this season and will be big boots to fill.
  2. nottmred

    NFFC Rumours

    I don’t think there would be too many that would be pissed off if he wanted to join a club like Milan.
  3. nottmred

    Forest v Reading

    Forest 0-1 Reading
  4. nottmred

    Forest v Luton

    Great result. You fucking reds!!
  5. nottmred

    What's Lviv backed today.

    I hate decimals. Much prefer the fractions.
  6. nottmred

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Any catch?
  7. nottmred

    Reading v Forest

    Just seen the equaliser and it’s unlucky. Absolutely devastating to throw away two points like that but it is what it is. We’re still well in the mix.
  8. nottmred

    Chelsea v Forest

    Turned it off. Pointless.
  9. nottmred

    The politics thread

    So basically you are happy for politicians to lie? They do say you get the politicians you deserve.
  10. nottmred

    The politics thread

    What’s wrong with ‘analysing’ his campaign promises? Are you saying that he or any other politician should be free to lie about their intentions and it is unfair to pull them up on it?
  11. nottmred

    Sheff wed

    Awful result but anyone calling for Lamouchi’s head are idiots.
  12. nottmred

    Sheff wed

    Dropping those four points against Millwall and Boro is looking even worse now.
  13. nottmred

    Sheff wed

    Fucking hell fire.
  14. nottmred

    My Vlog about autism

    Nice one Eve, I remember you posting it on Twitter and I saw it then Very good video. Informative and interesting.
  15. nottmred

    The politics thread

    Agree. I think with the issue of Brexit long done come the 2024 election, Labour gone regain many of its heartlands that stuck their fingers up at them this time. There’s many many traditional Labour voters who wanted to vote Labour but couldn’t - primarily because of either Brexit or Corbyn. This all depends on them electing a more sensible leader this time around which, of course, they won’t.

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