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  1. Fatles


    tbh............fuck knows how he'll do. I was thinking he'd given up managing (or clubs had given up on him) and gone into punditry. When was his last job as manager?
  2. Fatles

    Karanka has gone

    Karanka could have done this, Marinakis might have did that. Atleast we all knew Billy D was bonkers. No if's, buts or maybe's.
  3. Fatles

    Karanka has gone

  4. Bit like Yates at Notts last season, as soon as he left they went into decline.
  5. From watching him in the early games he played, I thought Clough would have been a hit like Lolley.
  6. £150 should get you a looker like her for an hour.
  7. Team playing for the new manager.
  8. Ben Osborn looks rejuvenated wearing his wig.
  9. Goal by 80's ginger Buffon boy.
  10. Loss I'm afraid. if we do lose then there's a possibility we'll be 9 points off the play offs, which playing the way we are at the moment is unacheivable to make up. This would trigger the Greek into action so could be Aitors last game.
  11. Fatles

    Millwall v Forest

    Charlie, Sounds the sort of thing BD, the mad jock would have done himself. Did the useless Fuqers, pull this trick when he was here?

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