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  1. Wank team, can't defend-can't score when it matters.
  2. Fatles

    Karanka - sack or keep

    I actually thought we weren't doing too bad until last night. Problem last night was that the players didn't show Millwall enough respect, thought they could win the game by simply turning up (Billy Big Bollocks). At this moment in time, I'd keep him until someone better was free.
  3. Neil Harris knew how to play us.
  4. Millwall have a tendency to concede late on.
  5. I think someone grabbed him during the lights out.
  6. Fatles

    NFFC Rumours

    He throws like a nancy boy.
  7. Fatles

    NFFC Rumours

    Apparently Forest are looking at purchasing half of Wilford to expand the training ground to accommodate the incoming players.
  8. We wont beat them, so he'd be out on his arse. i don't have a clue who to replace him with though. Marinakas should invite him to the family BBQ, then him and a couple of family members have a quiet word with Karanka at the bottom of the garden, just behind the pergola. They could point out the midfield "issue" in a way that the manager would easily understand where he's been going wrong.
  9. Fatles

    NFFC Rumours

    Who would you rather have? Ojo for 10Mill or Ince for 12
  10. Fatles

    Who we signed & who we sold

    Has Dowell gone as well.
  11. Fatles

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    Still got mine to renew, make that 19501. Only problem is where to sit in the lower Trent End, Don't want to be next to the same MONG as last 2 seasons. Arrives after kick off, goes to the shitter half way through first 45. Goes again just before half time. Comes back late from Half time, then off to the shitter again at 70mins. Also spouts shit and swears his head off when we're surrounded by little ones.

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