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  1. durham red

    Forest v Derby

    He’s not even matured into the role yet but still comes out as one of our best players each week. When he learns how to be a proper defender l - which I don’t think will take him long - he’ll be that sorely missed attacking fullback that’s solid at the back and can terrify opposition defenders as he pushes into their half. with his pace, work rate, passing, dribbling, vision & consistency, there’s very little missing from his game. He’ll likely be a Forest mainstay for the next decade - or a £15m+ sale to the prem this or next year.
  2. durham red

    Nigel Wray...

    I bought 1 share to frame. It’s still hung on the cellar wall.
  3. durham red

    Nigel Wray...

    Yes, but Irving Scholar was the fire sale architect in the consortium.
  4. durham red

    Forest v Luton

    Good to hear Colin Murray & Kevin Phillips say on EFL show that they think Forest have more in the locker and can easily be in the play-offs. I’m not so sure. I was expecting us to come back from the international break showing more comfort and cohesion if we have it. After two weeks of training as a team, I don’t think we’ve come back any better than we were before it. Now that might actually be good enough, but it does mean we’ll be riding our luck quite a bit rather than feeling confident and taking poor teams to the cleaners. Dawson is perhaps the key missing piece to give that solidity at the back. It would be a shame if we had to go back into the market again in January, given our squad size, and the quality we bought in in preseason. But if that’s what it takes, its not my money, so so be it.
  5. durham red

    Forest podcast

    Very good mate. Full of passion & intelligence- a rare mix.
  6. durham red

    Forest podcast

    cheers. Downloading it on iTunes now to take a listen tomorrow. If you also prefer Apple, the link is: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/forest-fancast/id1472886077
  7. durham red

    Forest v Barnsley

    Spot on. Builds fear in the opposition when they know you’re likely to win on an off day & likely to tear them a new one on a good day.
  8. durham red

    An Apology

    Phew. Had to resort to reading Evening Post’s website. Fuck me, that’s dire.
  9. durham red

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Without quality supply we’ll never know how lethal any of our current strikers really are - until they leave and do better elsewhere.
  10. durham red

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    Supply to the strikers is all we need this transfer window.
  11. durham red

    Transfers wanted 2019/20

    Got to agree with that.
  12. durham red


    Spot on.
  13. durham red


    I think Forest’s biggest failing has been squad rotation meaning players don’t gel & learn each other’s play inside out. Even average teams do better when they’re a familiar unit.
  14. durham red

    Forest v Bolton - Final game

    Do we get Neil Warnock in or stick with MON after we get 3 back to back wins?
  15. durham red

    Forest v Swansea

    If refereeing decisions evened out (as the adage goes), we’d be cemented in the playoffs. Still a very good chance of getting there and even an 8th place would equal our best finish since 2012/13 season! Happy to cheer the team on for the chance of a playoff spot or see how MON & Marinakis do in the closed season transfer market for a push next season.

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