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  1. Caz

    Alex Milosevic

    Looked a decent player when called upon. Made the position his own until O'Neill decided that he needed to sit in the stands and watch how the English game was played. He's had a pop at the club's biggest fan/moaner/bitch on Twitter; @MilosevicAlex: @hannahforest Talking about a player who barely missed a training, who never had a fine for coming late or even forgetting stuff on the pitch. I’ve been reading some of ur tweets and I never seen so much shit. Normally I dont care but you try to put fake stuff about alot of players.
  2. Caz

    Forest v Hull

    That was a piss poor performance that lacked any leadership or cutting edge. We played at a snail's pace. We were outplayed across the park. Hull did their homework while we looked as if it was simply a case of turning up to bag three points against a poor side. Still can't believe we spunked £13m on Carvalho. Shocking!
  3. Caz

    Wigan v Forest

    Worst performance I've seen from us in some time. Couldn't hold the ball or make simple passes. The starting eleven was all wrong. Pissed off!
  4. Caz

    Forest v Brentford

    Surprisingly, Worrall & Watson have been outstanding so far this season. Carvalho has been a passenger. Silva works harder in that no.10 role and should start ahead of JC. Having both on the pitch doesn't work.
  5. Caz

    Stoke v Forest

    Poor start but got better after we scored the equaliser. Agree upon Stoke second goal, if Daws was still on the pitch it gets cleared. A good three points.
  6. Caz

    Arsenal v Forest

    Never expected to get anything at Arsenal. I did expect to see a better performance from a team full of players that should be busting a gut to get into the managers plans for league selection. It didn't happen, they lay down. On the plus side, we'll have 7 fresh players returning to the side for the game against Stoke.
  7. Caz

    Any takers?

    Daryl Murphy also linked to Bolton
  8. Caz

    Any takers?

    Ironically, four of our 7 centre halves are out of contract in June. Hefele has another year to go, beyond this season
  9. Caz

    Any takers?

    Cummings linked to Shrewsbury
  10. Caz

    Any takers?

    Bridcutt could be on his way to Bolton on loan.
  11. Caz

    An Apology

    Good to see it back up and running. Missed discussing all things Forest....with you miserable old bastids!!!
  12. Caz

    NFFC Rumours

    Two or three more players will be offloaded to Oly to help balance the books and give us a better summer transfer budget.
  13. Caz

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    More mention today of bringing goalkeeper Airjanet Muric in on loan from Man City.
  14. Caz

    Forest 2019/20 thread

    O'Neill interested in Grosicki at Hull. 31 next month, so no resale value. Returned decent stats last season and would be a good option to play on opposite wing of Lolley. Fee expected to be around £2.5m.
  15. Caz

    Fawaz suing Forest

    Fawaz has won his case.

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