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  1. Pantilimon, Janko, Hefele, Robinson, Darikwa, Yacob, Colback, Lolley, Carvalho, Osborn, Grabban Subs: Steele, Guedioura, Watson, Murphy, Cash, Dias, Ansarifard.
  2. I'd go with Janko at RB, Hefele & Darikwa at CB and Robinson at LB.
  3. With a full squad we win. With a makeshift defence, we lose. Dawson availability will be the difference.
  4. We've two strikers on. Is Karanka ok?
  5. Every time we've had a chance to get into the top 3, we shit the bed!
  6. Just missing that final touch. Grabban put two on a plate but no one was there to finish. Cash had a couple of chances and Darikwa could have scored. We've looked dodgy at the back, which most were expecting with a makeshift defence. The three points are there if someone can gamble with a few runs into the box.
  7. Pantilimon, Darikwa, Hefele, Robinson, Osborn, Yacob, Colback, Cash, Carvalho, Lolley, Grabban Subs: Steele, Guedioura, Murphy, Janko, Dias, Ansarifard, Appiah.
  8. Dawson, Figueiredo and Fox likely missing for Derby game, leaving only Hefele and Robinson as centre half options. That would see Osborn slot in at left back
  9. We have to keep players like Lolley, if we want to progress. We're a goalkeeper & centre half away from giving it a good go after Christmas.
  10. Cardiff interested and expected to put an offer in
  11. Entertaining game for the neutral. Lolley was on fire. Pantilimon should be set on fire.

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