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  1. Fuckn lovely goal *my stream is a min or so behind
  2. Carvalho is a passenger We started to play in the last 15 minutes of the first half and have now gone to shit again
  3. Thank Christ for that!!! Good to see it was Grabban that got the goal.
  4. No creativity. This team hasn't a clue what to do offensively
  5. 13mins in summary; Osborn sloppy Carvalho sloppy Guedioura sloppy Colback sloppy
  6. Watson in alongside Colback Lose this and Karanka can fuckn do one
  7. We're looking a bit sharper and quicker into the tackles. Work to be done in final third.
  8. Robinson couldn't trap wind. Grabban getting no service. *Watching on TV, so I've no link available.
  9. Osborn playing like a man with a point to prove
  10. Hope Grabban has 90 minutes in his legs.

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