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  1. Caz

    Forest 2018/19 thread

    The players took part in a behind doors training game today, with both Murphy and Grabban scoring two each. The game finished a draw, 3-3. Cash and Lolley got the other goals.
  2. The team sheet filled me with dread when I seen the defensive midfield pairing, specifically Watson replacing Guedioura. However, he had a good game and used him experience when required. Danny Fox diving to close the space for that free-kick, with two others right behind him, was the moment of the match that told me we were right up for it and playing as an actual team. Hoping that today's result is the start of something special. I don't expect us to win every match but would settle for watching that work ethic and quality.
  3. Why can't we play like that every week? Great performances all over the park, with Lolley putting in an outstanding ninety minutes.
  4. Osborn coming on for Watson? He looks wrecked.
  5. Can't have a bad squad when you can bring on Assombalonga, Gestede and Clayton as subs.
  6. This referee will be getting next week off. Shit performance.
  7. Better team in that first half. Can't recall a save from Pantilimon. However, 'boro have shown no urgency or concern and look like they could step up a gear or two. They've tried to play football in the ground and I fear that if they go route one like Millwall did midweek, that they'll grab a goal or two.
  8. 'boro brick it when anyone runs at them. Great run from Dias.
  9. That was a shocking challenge from Friend on Dawson, who has had to be replaced by Figueiredo.
  10. Afraid not. Watching it on the telly.
  11. Fox taking a battering. Hard as nails.
  12. Great run and shot from Lolley. 20mins in and we're the better side.

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