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  1. Dane

    Forest v sheep

    You can listen online via radio Nottingham as it's not a league game
  2. Dane

    downloading stuff

    yeah I know, but it seems (obviously really) that there are a lot more d/ling than there are uploading and upload speeds are slower too. I'm after prison break, a mate lent me the first ones as I'd never watched it. Pretty good
  3. Dane

    downloading stuff

    I'm using a torrent site that was recommended by PM but it's slooooow to say the least. I might get it by 2010
  4. Dane

    downloading stuff

    I haven't downloaded music, films or stuff for ages now. what's the method of choice these days for films? I have plenty of mp3's.
  5. Dane

    windows install on Sata drive

    I ended up wondering whether my old sata drive was causing the problem as windows couldn't possibly be that hard to install so I bought a new one and lo and behold it installed fine. Anyway I want to store an image for backup/dual boot. How do you recommend I do that (before I try and fuck it up )
  6. I need to install windows onto a SATA drive but can't install the mobo drivers. I have cd with them on but can't copy to a floppy as I don't have a windows machine running. I've have this machine with ubutu cd running but it doesn't see the floppy. Any ideas?
  7. Dane

    Official Mugshot Thread

    lol. you can get one that fits properly for that.
  8. Dane

    Official Mugshot Thread

    I doubt it for one minute.
  9. Dane

    XD card recovery

    recuver or something similar? I got photos off one of my corrupted disks by copying the file the camera created on another disk to the corrupt one. All my piccies magically appeared.
  10. Dane

    Hard drives

    can't fault that, you might save a quid or so googling it but it's not worth the hassle. OCUK are very good, I've been using them for years with no problems even visiting their "lock up shop" a few times. 500 Gig is a lot though, do you need that much space? I've recently aquired a 400g external drive and even with a lot of DVDs/MP3/photos I'm just scratching the surface. Many of the DVDs are now appearing on sky making it pointless me keeping them.
  11. Dane

    Hard drives

    for that sort of usage it won't really matter about speed Daz, there's so little difference that you can't tell unless you benchmark. Most of the big names are pretty reliable and again because you are not going to a high usage user (ie accessing every few seconds 24/7), reliability shouldn't be an issue. If you want performance then match it to your main drive and add a PATA (ide) drive for back-up movies etc.
  12. Dane

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Is that you?? Smaller than that.... very manly pose btw
  13. Dane

    Official Mugshot Thread

    Did you search for "large chin" to find that piccie?
  14. Dane

    Official Mugshot Thread

    yep, and it's still an Adidas T shirt where ever it is!

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