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  3. Chav

    NFFC Rumours

    Keep the hype on Appiah, Mighten and Johnson - it keeps the spotlight off Ethan Dekel
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  7. I'm sure you know what I mean, Dane. I think we look a real prospect from what I've seen this season. Be interesting to see what additions we make over the next few weeks
  8. GupiRed2

    NFFC Rumours

    Just seems very short sighted. We can't assume every youngster will end up down the same path, you use examples of academy players who aren't having a great time at the moment but how about the Lascelles and the Bamford. Worrall, Smith and Brereton were all thrown into the side too soon. We didn't have money to spend on players so papered over the cracks with academy players. Burke has only himself to blame, I dont know the ins and outs of his transfer, but what I do know is if he had stayed with us, when he was raw, full of confidence and hungry, he'd be in the Prem team right now. Appiah, Might and Johnson are in a different category. The club really do have high hopes for these guys, and now we have money and a talented squad, there is no need to throw them in before they're ready. He's only 17, has been training with the 1st team all season, there is no way he will be sold on the cheap, if at all.
  9. I am surprised a few have dug out Carvalho. I do think his dead ball delivery is useless but he made some lovely passes to put people in on goal and is probably the only one is our team with that ability
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  13. How many times have we gone there to see us capitulate? So refreshing to see us battle and put in a shift. Hefele is immense in the air but he scared the shit out of me anytime the ball was at his feet. Darikwa was poor also. Robinson, Colback and Yacob the stand out performers but most of them were decent.
  14. nottmred

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Yep. Cardiff will go down to the wire I think though but will just drop.
  15. Strange how everyone can see it with Pantilimon on here yet on LTLF I slagged him off and was shot down in flames. They are mongs over there though
  16. Agree, you can see the worry in the team with the erratic kicking. How about the kick before the final whistle, even the commentators were bemused. Shopping list for Jan hopefully is a LB, LW (or give Appiah a chance) and GK.
  17. Art Vandelay

    What Have You Been Watching?

    There's a lot to like. Not only the fact they give away a speedboat far more often than seems normal but they fact when the curtain goes up to reveal the prize, instead of the boat already being there, you see four old blokes pulling it out. As I wrote that it it's just occured to me the only explanation is that they change the prize depending if it's won or not which is why it can only be brought out at the last minute. Crafty. I watch it on Challenge sometimes, it seems to be on pretty much constantly through the night and the interview bits are always great..... "What do you do then?" "I've just been made redundant Jim" "Great". I remember one time he said after they were finished "That's the worst bit over with..." Is it normal to have a 'worst bit' on a game show? I also saw one recently where he introduced a couple of young men and then opened his chat with them with "You're a couple of lovely slender lads". Then there's the way he always refers to their tv region as where they're from, it's not "Here's Chris and Pat from Manchester", it would be "Here's Chris and Pat from the Granada television region". What's that all about? I don't remember that ever happening on any other show. There's how Jim says "Now listen carefully to Tony" as though he's going to explain something important or impart some great wisdom but every time he simply says "Settle in. Take your time" and that's that. There's how they never seem to cut anything, Jim will stumble over his words, get people's names wrong, start coughing etc or someone will walk in front of the camera and they'll just leave it like it's live. I doubt they'd stop the recording If you shat yourself at the oche. So that's a 90s drama, now an 80s an game show, I'll be on here recommending 'On the Buses' next
  18. I think ‘superb’ is pushing it a bit. There were a couple of decent saves but everything he faced last night was stuff you’d expect any halfway competent keeper to get behind. His kicking was dire as usual and he seems to spread unease throughout the defence. A new keeper in January is a must for me.
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  22. Art Vandelay

    What's Lviv backed today.

    Well, there's one to boast about It's Fulham, Huddersfield and Cardiff going down isn't it? I don't ever remember it looking so obvious this early on which three are going (feel free to quote this when they all stay up....)
  23. Pants made a couple of good and important stops but I don't have much confidence in him so I dread to think how the defenders feel around him We played well, Janko was excellent, really hope he keeps his place. Osborne much better further up. I thought the whole team were up for it and battled well. So unlucky not to nick it with Lollys shot were a top 6 team, no doubt about it
  24. Think the criticism of Pantillimon is harsh tonight. I'm not his greatest fan but he made some superb saves tonight, his handling was flawless and his awareness off the line was good.
  25. Not a great advert for Championship football. The game was stifled by too many players in the middle of the park. What I will say after watching the game, is that we are far too dependent on Grabban scoring. If he has an off day in front of goal, we struggle to score. Apart from that, I thought we handled the game well. Shaky start, but we grew into the game, and were the better team over 90 minutes. We deserved 3 points. I thought Yacob was superb. Janko and Robinson not far behind. Hefele and Darikwa looked like they could cost us the game at any moment. Darikwa is ok going forward, but he gives me pulpatations when he needs to defend. Pants made some decent saves, but his kicking is woeful. They should have had a man sent off for that elbow incident, but they should have had a penalty for that wild kick by Darikwa. Evened itself out really. Overall, a great performance by the lads. We were the better team in their own back yard. I think we would have all taken a draw before kick off, but fuck me, if that Lolley shot had been 6 inches lower...............? Well done Forest. Very good, battling performance. And I fucking hate those cheating, dirty, sheep shagging bastards.
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