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  1. Yesterday
  2. He'll definitely need sacking if we only win 4-0!!!!
  3. He's more excited I've agreed to take sweets (my boy, not Jamie)
  4. Ha ha it has lasted 35 years since I started going at about 10 years old so I doubt it
  5. Taking my two boys to this on Saturday. It's my youngest's first match.
  6. agree with you Dane, although I suspect the same starting 11 as Wednesday bar any injuries.
  7. Rotherham are better than they were two years when they were last in the league. That said, we should still be pushing these aside comfortably. Forest 2-1
  8. Rotherham will just park the bus like they did against the sheep last week. Need an early goal, else we could get frustrated the longer it stays 0-0. In fairness, Karanka should be able to field any starting XI to beat these. 3-0 the Reds
  9. My first game this season - I still get excited
  10. Event Title: Nottingham Forest - Rotherham United FC Event Date: 09/22/2018 03:00 PM to 09/22/2018 04:45 PM This topic was created automatically from the calendar event: Nottingham Forest - Rotherham United FC
  11. Last week
  12. colin

    News chit chat

    Ditto , and a potentially very dangerous one ...
  13. I thought for the most part we were solid last night - shut down Wednesday first half without doing anything special and looked much better in the second. I agree that our forwards are lacking a bit of confidence - I'd like to see more passing to players who have defenders tight on them. When we did that, our passing and movement was causing Weds problems; Cash and Carvalho had the beating of their markers, but we seemed reluctant to hit them when they had a man on, Not sure if it showed it on TV, but thought Heffe giving it the big one in front of the away supporters was fantastic - guy is going to be a cult hero at the club. Need another victory on Sat.
  14. colin

    NFFC Rumours

    As far as I'm aware we are waiting for a work permit for him before announcing his signing .. Allegedly he was in the main stand watching last nights game ...
  15. E R

    NFFC Rumours

    I wonder what has happened with this
  16. Very true I've always said that in many ways the club 'lost' me years ago. Back then I was actually too rose-tinted. I used to defend Doughty regularly as well as some of our poorer managers. The way the club does it's business just winds me up I suppose. I still want us to win every game but it no longer dominates my mood. for example i had an acca last night that had us to draw with Wednesday for £150. In the old days I'd have still hoped we could hold on regardless of the money, now I'm not so bothered. Fawaz has done that. Along with Davies (2nd stint) Freedman, Cotterill, Fryatt, Hobbs, Reid, Ishmael Miller and any other blood-sucking leeches we've had over the last 6/7 years. They've killed it for me. I might end up getting the spark back and if I have a son they won't end up supporting United, City, Liverpool or Plymouth (down that way now :D) but living 350 miles away makes it tough. FWIW too it wouldn't necessarily be promotion that would be bring me back...rather good football and a well run respectable club with an identity. I'm still waiting for Grabban to prove me wrong though
  17. To be fair mate you haven’t got a good word to say about the club or any of the players we have and the way you bang on you would think you was paying the salaries
  18. Whilst I agree with much of your post Darcy I think that as the season progresses Tachtsidis and Dias will add an extra " flair " element to our play . We've also not seen what Yacoub brings to the table but I suspect he's more in the mould of Pep , Bridcutt , Watson , Colback and Yates .. Having so many new players it takes time for them to understand and implement Karanka's ideas ... Patience is required , but I do agree that Carvalho is at least a class above ..
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